Friday, June 13, 2008

Fast and the Furious 4??

Yes, justin lin is bringing us an amazing sequal to fast and the furious 2. Well yea you might be wondering huh? what about fast and the furious tokyo drift? well, I dont know if you remember but if you look closely on fast and the furious 2 after the credits roll "Dominic" or "vin diesel" drives off in mexico in an old mussle car. Are they going set the movie in mexico ummm.. we dont know but what we're certain of is justin lin is bringing us fast and the furious 4 here is the final main cast and crew for the movie:

Vin Diesel...Dominic Toretto

Paul Walker...Brian O'Conner

Michelle Rodriguez...Letty

Jordana Brewster...Mia Toretto

Laz Alonso...Fenix

Gal Gadot...Gisele

John Ortiz...Antonio Braga

Sung Kang...Han

Ron Yuan...David Park

Liza Lapira...Agent Sophie Trinh

Shea Whigham...Agent Ben Stasiak

Neil Brown Jr....Malik
Mirtha Michelle...Cara

Wilmer Calderon...Tash

And recent news indicate that the famous hiphop star "lil wayne" is going to star in the movie.
Here is a short summary of the movie plot:
Brian help the feds stop a heroin importer known as Braga. With the help of an informant named James Park, Brian - and ultimately Dominic Toretto - wins a place on the criminal's team, where he - and his flashy Nissan - plan to catch the man red-handed. Written by ComingSoon.Net

Letty has been killed working for drug baron Antonio Braga. Brian, fresh from an undercover stint in prison, is out to catch the man responsible, and so is Dominic. Brian and Dominic go undercover as members of Braga's drug transportation team.Written by rodriguez
Vin Diesel and Paul Walker re-team for the ultimate chapter of the franchise built on Fast cars. I would go on telling you more but...i will just be ruining the surprise so be tuned for more updates and be sure to catch Fast and the furious 4 in 2009.